Special projects

Audio-visual projects

We also like to solve special projects for our clients that are inventive and unusual. In these realizations, the synchronization of image, sound and lighting is often required, so that the visual and sound impression is as strong as possible. We thereby achieve interaction with the viewer and visitor and draw them into the story.

AUDI Car showroom

Flexible full-sized LED screen

The large-format LED screen elegantly directs attention to the newly exhibited automotive innovation, the AUDI e-tron. The prestigious content illustrates the brand story and highlights the exceptional features and technical details of the car on display.

We have ingeniously integrated the screen into a well-crafted, but non-distracting, minimalist support structure that is very easy to maintain.

The variability of the folded LED parts allows the screen to be rearranged into different shapes. By removing or adjusting the display parts, the desired display space can be conveniently adjusted.

Management of the projection system can be controlled locally by connecting the projection device to an HDMI or DVI input, or the content projection system can be managed online via the Internet using DS MediaPlayer.

Prague City Museum

The TAP TAP exhibition
Synchronized CLV panels

For this interesting exhibition, which lasted for 3 months, we created a nine-square of synchronized CLV panels. The exhibition also included audio equipment.
The attractive but affordable solution highlighted the message content very well.


Prague City Museum

Videomapping and projections

House at the Golden Ring

Videowall 2 x 8 monitors with synchronous playback

In 1606, Aegidius Sadeler, a prominent graphic artist and publisher, conveyed the image of the capital of the Bohemian Kingdom to the city and the world. The copperplate design was created by Philippus van den Bosche and translated into copperplate by Johann Wechter. In 2019, in cooperation with the Museum of the City of Prague, a nine-meter animation was created, which gives contemporaries an insight into the life of Rudolfinum Prague and its inhabitants.
In order to bring the image to life, the animators moved around 150 independent characters that appeared independently during the 4-minute animation in the painting. We ensured the synchronization of sound, light and image.